Fact Sheet

We are professional organizers in the northern Virginia/metro DC area.  We believe in helping our clients improve their lives by improving their environment. We help clients with small problems like a junk drawer that is starting to take over it’s neighboring spaces all the way up to those that are Chronically Disorganized and Hoarders. We believe that a holistic approach with our clients is the best way to help them. This means we don’t just look at the “stuff” but we try to help the client figure out why the stuff has taken over. There can be many reasons why their lives have gotten out of control and we explore them so that the client can move past these roadblocks and continue to grow. We believe in teaching our clients how to make the decisions on what to keep and what to let go. This way they don’t need our assistance or our OK to let the things go that are no longer meeting their needs the way they used to.

We also believe in supporting our community. Every year we pick an organization or cause to support and a portion of our income goes to that charity. For 2012 we have chosen to support the Winter Warm Up program sponsored by the Prince William Chamber of Commerce.

This program provides children in need with a pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, a hat and a pair of mittens. This way, when they get to school and have to take off their coats, they have warm clothes to wear.


Conquer the clutter is a member of:

National Association of Professional Organizers

Virginia Realty Group

No. Va. Licensed Professional Counselors